Gabriel is now living in Denmark Here is news from his adoptive parents:

When one-year-old Miao Miao first came to Hong Kong in Dec 2007 for investigation of her cyclical vomiting syndrome, she weighed only 20 pounds (weight of an infant).  Investigation did not show any abnormality, so doctors decided to put a catheter in her to enhance her feeding capability. 

Born with ambiguous genitalia and perineal hypospadias (anomaly in male in which the urethra opens on the perineum), Aoyun came to Hong Kong in September 2009 for chromosome test and evaluation.

9-month-old Xinxiang was born with adrenogenital syndrome (an inherited defect in hydrocortisone) with a history of ambiguous genitalia. She undertook chromosome test to ensure that her passport reflects her chromosomal sex prior to her travel to Hong Kong and received feminizing surgeries and hormone replacement while in Hong Kong.



Qiao Qiao, a girl born with bilateral retinoblastoma (cancer in both eyes), spent almost two years in Hong Kong receiving treatment for her cancer. Her left eye was enucleated when she first arrived in Hong Kong in December 2007, followed by 9 courses of chemotherapy and 9 sessions of laser photocoagulation to remove the tumor in her right eye.

Just celebrated her fourth birthday in February, the bright and beautiful Khloe is thriving every day. According to her mother now, Khloe is a cheerful, spunky, fun and smart girl. This was her 2nd birthday with her family in Minnesota; celebrations have been taken place in multiple events. However, on the very special day on the 8th of the month, the family would spend a little more time on giving thought to Khloe’s China. Praying for the place where the little girl was born. 

Xiao Fang who was born with myelomeningocele received surgery in Suzhou in 2011 as part of our Medical Outreach. MedArt received news that she has been adopted to a U.S. family in September this year. Here are some of her more recent photographs.

Sheng Gen (Ben) came to Hong Kong to receive treatment of previous failed closure of bladder exstrophy in early infancy and on 11/08/2008, he received a repeat primary closure with bilateral inominate osteotomy followed by 6 week of half hip spica at the HK Sanatorium and Hospital.

Sun Jian was born with cleft lips and palate and received his repair during MedArt's February trip to Suzhou. 

Yuting was born with bladder exstrophy and received a bilateral innominate osteotomy and single-stage bladder exstrophy closure in February 2011. During her recovery, she celebrated her birthday in the Hong Kong Sanatorium Hospital. She was soon adopted to the U.S. upon her return to Beijing.

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