A team of 22 doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, medical students and volunteers went to Suzhou on Nov 7-11, 2018.

Four one-hour performances were given in the Main Wing multifunction room of Lo Wu Correctional Institution on Oct 17th by a team of 27 people consisting of musicians, medical doctors, medical students, nurses and volunteers. Our program of well-known Cantopop and Western songs were very well received and throughout those hours, our hearts (performers' and audiences') were joined together by the music we played and the singing from the audience. It was a joy to see everyone from our outreach team work together to make this an unbelievable event. Our team spirit was evident in our music thus moving people to tears and heightening their enjoyment. In return, the audience gave us much encouragement and appreciation. It was a beautiful picture. Our performances had been rated by the inmates as 'the best ever'!

MedArt was invited to perform at CSD's Officers' Annual Dinner at the Convention Centre on Oct 3rd, 2018.

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