Gabriel is now living in Denmark Here is news from his adoptive parents:

Gabriel is now named Gustav. He has 3 grandparents (one grandfather and two grandmothers). He has two uncles and three cousins. We are now living on a small (former) farm on Djursland, the nose of Jutland. Our son is a very happy, charming, bright, lovely and funny boy. We love him dearly. He love his big sister. They are having a great time playing together. We have two horses and Gustav love riding them. He's laughs a lot doing that. We have a cat too and Gustav loves playing with it. He still loves reading books and he loves cars and tractors. He gives a lot of kisses and hugs. He is walking around, and he can walk very fast, but not run. We are going to the doctor in January. We hope they can do something to his feet, so he will be able to walk a little better.

At the moment he is swimming once a week, and is loving it. Lars is Vice Dean in a college and Tine is cleaning lady. Ida Tao is the name of his big sister. She is 9 month older then Gustav. So they are very close. She is a very lovely girl and very smart (like her brother), loves to help Gustav, and plays with him. They already love each other very much. It's so great! She came to Denmark 10 month old.




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