Growing up with Jian Chun

Jian Chun in recovery

Team of doctors

The whole surgical team


Jian Chun was in Hong Kong in 2007 and came to MedArt's Fundraising Concert and presented flowers to Lang Lang, our piano soloist.

In February 2009, Jian Chun received his second stage repair in Suzhou during COO's medical outreach in Suzhou and recovered swiftly. In May, he had a followup appointment with COO doctors.

Feb 2009

May 2009 (Jian Chun on right)

In November 2012, Jian Chun came to Suzhou Children's Hospital to visit the team of COO doctors. He is now a grown man of 18. We were delighted to see him develop into a fine young man.

Jian Ming (also a COO patient) on left and Jian Chun on right


In 2014, Jian Chun performed in MedArt Concert Dinner. He transformed from a child we treated to a supporter of MedArt. His journey with MedArt represented many of the other COO children who were in need of care turning into those who care. 


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